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Sign of the Times

An assortment of thoughtful pieces, 

  highlighting almost everybody's

  current situations, possibilities

                      or fears.

Please enquire for prices of originals.

High Quality prints are also available of some of the works shown.

At the End of the Shift

covid, coronavirus, plague, lockdown, art, artist, portrait, markfox, nurse, hospital, acrylic, icu

Acrylic on canvas panel

          24" x 18"


No Appointment? No Problem

covid, coronavirus, plague, doctor, lockdown, art, artist, markfox,acrylic, painting, original,toiletroll

Acrylic on canvas panel

          30" x 20"


One Each

covid, coronavirus, mask, plague, outbreak, lockdown, handofgod, acrylic, art, artist, markfox,

Acrylic on canvas panel

            18" x 24"


Wear a Mask, They Said

covid, coronavirus, lockdown, batman, mask, acrylic, artist, new, markfox, painting,
Edited Image 2016-02-15 20-08-17

Acrylic on canvas

      30" x 20"


No More Time

art, artist, acrylic, original, markfox,world, rubbish, litter, globalwarming, markfox

Acrylic on canvas

       32" x 24"


The Gift That Keeps Giving

art, artist, acrylic, painting, covid, corona, virus, lockdown, santa, gift, christmas

Acrylic on canvas panel

           24" x 18"


Choose Your Fate Wisely


Acrylic on canvas panel

               30" x 20"



Acrylic on canvas

      24" x 20"

After The Party


Acrylic on canvas panel
            18" x 22"

Please enquire for print availability

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