New Art now available for sale.

   Framed and ready to hang.


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Calm Waters

Calm Water (Print).jpg

Acrylic on canvas

     30" x 20"

Just The One Regret


Acrylic on canvas

      20" x 16"

You Ain't Ready For This


Acrylic on canvas

      16" x 12"

I Really Don't Care Anymore,original, sexy, ink, inked girl, tattoo, tattooed girl

Acrylic on canvas panel

         24" x 18"

Peeking Duck

art,acrylic,original,painting,rubberduck,sexy,ink,inkedgirl,tattoo, bath

Acrylic on canvas

       20" x 30"

Don't Waste a Move


Acrylic on canvas

       20" x 20"

Breaking The Law


Acrylic on canvas

       18" x 24"


art,original,acrylic,painting,joker,batman,joaquin, phoenix,happy,mentalhealth

Acrylic on canvas panel

       20" x 16"

Working Class Hero